Tips on Becoming an EFT Coach

There are so many benefits to adding Energy Psychology tools like EFT to your coaching practice.  And, in order to be the best EFT Coach that you can be, I recommend the following:

  • Practice on yourself first! – In order to learn the modalities you plan to use and to prove the effectiveness, YOU are the best and most appropriate test subject.
  • Practice on yourself first! – For you to be the best EFT coach you must be a clear channel. Much of this work is intuitive, and if you are not clear inside, then forget being an effective energy therapy practitioner.
  • Practice on yourself first! – To most effectively incorporate EFT into your coaching practice you will probably want to teach each client to use the protocol. In order to do this you must know it inside & out so you will be able to answer all of the questions that will undoubtedly come to you.
  • Practice on yourself first! – Sometimes EFT doesn’t work as quickly as other times, and you will need to know what to do to encourage it, to bypass psychological reversal, to better clarify the core issues to clear, and to alleviate related aspects of the issue.
  • Practice on yourself first! – To be the best EFT coach you must be clear of all inner issues so that your clients won’t push your buttons and make it obvious that you are not walking your talk!
  • Practice on yourself first! – EFT and other meridian-based techniques facilitate change in subtle, energetic ways that are sometimes felt immediately and other times not hardly noticed at all. You need to experience this first-hand in order to guide your clients through the process.
  • Practice on yourself first! – While studying EFT in order to incorporate it into your coaching practice, the hands-on application makes the learning go faster!
  • Practice on yourself first! – This is the philosophy behind my EFT Coach-Training Apprenticeship Program.

So, if you have any more questions about how to become an EFT Coach, then feel free to contact me!

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