N-hanced EFT Clears Impact of Mother’s Suffering

Often I find that my clients are experiencing symptoms based on their emotional attachment to the suffering of others. This can come from early childhood impressions, where a child takes on emotions, conditions, beliefs, and predispositions of those around him or her. It can also be the result of some very sensitive people who empathize with the suffering of others and end up suffering that way too.

Recently I focused an N-hanced EFT  session on a client diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I first used kinesiological testing to ask her body exactly what she was reacting to and whether the pain and fatigue symptoms were based on emotion, toxin, or nutrition.  I focused on her emotion-based attachment to her mother’s suffering with similar symptoms as her own. Her body alerted me to the fact that consciously she intended health and vitality for herself and victimhood was not part of her profile. Subconsciously she had taken on the burden of her mother’s suffering, as well as the dynamics between her parents, as her father became the major care-giver for her mother. She held many emotions in her body and they manifested in ways that reflected her mother’s suffering.

We focused a full N-hanced EFT (EFT + some Neuro Emotional Technique) session clearing her connection in that unhealthy way to her mother’s suffering and to her parents’ emotional dance. At the end of our short tapping session she reported that her emotional charge and the pain associated with it had gone from a high 9-10 down to about a 2.

We often carry emotional burdens for others without even knowing it. In this case the emotion brought on very painful and debilitating symptoms similar to those of my client’s mother. Now that she is free of that emotional load she can recalibrate to hold her own vibration and heal her body. And, my hope is that she continues to tap whenever any pain returns in her own “body memory”, or when she revisits the emotional pain carried by her mom.


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