EFT Clearing of Classic Energy Patterns

Yesterday I met with a man and his son. As I learned their stories I immediately saw a pattern that obviously needed to be cleared in both of them. In using meridian-based energy therapies such as EFT it is imperative that you identify patterns and then clear them at their root cause or original occurrence.

The son first told his story of having to drop out of high school because he had to take care of his mother who had suffered a severe physical injury. At seventeen he had already completed and earned his GED. This was a matter of necessity and now he stayed home with his mother and younger siblings. His life seemed very limited and he carried a heavy burden for his young age.

Then his father told his story. He now suffered in his own ways because of his wife’s injury, however he also mentioned that years ago, while he was a straight-A student in high school, he was forced to drop out to take care of his dying father. His plans of attending technical college fell apart, and since then all of his skills and work certifications have been self-taught. This individual looks back with some remorse, but is loyal and dedicated to moving forward and going with the flow.

You may think this is just a coincidence or cultural issue, however, as an energy therapist, I feel the impact of an energetic pattern, and I know that it can be cleared so that the pattern ends now and will not be carried into the next generation. And, there is a good chance that when I clear the father, his two other children will be free of the energetic too, even though they inherited it in their DNA.

So, whenever you use EFT be a pattern detective. They are all around us, just waiting to be cleared!

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