Comfort Foods & EFT Tapping

  • Do you have a favorite food?
  • Do you eat it as a result of emotional tension or as a reward to yourself?
  • Do you resent this food’s hold on you and the way you feel after you eat it?

comfort foodsMaybe you are finding yourself addicted to a comfort food for a variety of reasons. EFT Tapping can support this imbalance so that the emotional reasons that cause you to turn to the comfort food do not turn into harmful or toxic physical conditions.

If you have used food as a positive reward to yourself, can you do this in moderation using healthy foods as rewards? If you find that the foods you choose are not good for your body or your waistline, then you may use EFT Tapping to shift this practice. Try utilizing one of the following set-up statements that is appropriate while tapping the karate chop or thymus/heart chakra points:

  • Even though I am turning to (this food) as a reward, I deeply and completely love and appreciate myself.
  • Even though I want (this food) as my reward, and I know it is not that healthy, I still deeply and completely accept myself.
  • Even though I choose (this food) which may not be that good for me, I deeply and completely love myself, and I choose to shift this choice to a healthier food reward.
  • Even though I have used food as my reward in the past, I now choose to replace it with ( x ) as I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • Even though I have used food as my reward in the past, I now choose to let go of this habit because I deeply and completely love and respect myself.

If you have turned to food for comfort when feeling upset, alone, depressed, or another negative emotion, then use the EFT Energy Therapy Tapping to clear this detrimental habit while also clearing the issues that send you to the comfort foods. Tap on the karate chop point as well as the thymus/heart chakra point while focusing on the following:

  • I love myself so much that I am willing to become aware of when I turn to food for comfort.
  • I love myself so much that I choose to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.
  • Even though I have comforted myself with food in the past, I choose to find higher vibrational ways to do this in the future.
  • Even though I have chosen comfort foods too often when I’ve felt bad, I deeply and completely love and respect myself.
  • Even though I get angry with myself when I use food for comfort, I still deeply and completely accept and love myself.
  • Even though my society sells comfort in foods, and many of the food choices are unhealthy for me, I choose to be aware of my emotions and I choose to comfort myself with tapping instead of food.
  • Even though I’ve had a bad habit in the past, from now on I’ll tap whenever I feel upset, alone, depressed, or imbalanced emotionally.
  • Because I love myself I choose to use EFT tapping from now on to provide myself with emotional comfort.
  • When I feel ( x ) I choose now to tap away the inner turmoil instead of eating comfort foods.

If you know how to use EFT  already, then you have the tools to help you clear the causes of your discomfort in all areas of your life. And, if you are not currently using these valuable energy tools for yourself when you find yourself  comfort eating, binging, or eating inappropriately, then I highly recommend that you contact a professional practitioner to support you to get past your deepest blocks so that you can take care of your day-to-day stressors.

It is important that you become aware of your eating tendencies if you tend toward comfort eating because often the foods we choose for comfort become toxic to us. Food allergies are often created when the subconscious mind associates favorite foods with negative emotions after these good foods have been used over and over when you have felt bad in the past. So, in order to continue to enjoy your favorite foods, keep them separate from your negative emotions by tapping away the causes or the eating habits. Either way you win!

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