Coaching with EFT

Whether you are a coach offering services to others or someone interested in self-coaching for success, the field of coaching has been enhanced with the addition of EFT or energy psychology modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique.

The N-hanced EFT approach that I use with my face-to-face and distance by-phone coaching clients has made a major impact on the success of my own coaching business. Not only am I offering special success coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, corporate coaching, wellness coaching, but with N-hanced EFT I am able to support my clients to learn a tool that they can use for the rest of their lives and between our sessions. And when coaching with EFT we can always break through emotional or psychological resistance or blocks to move forward toward achieving my clients’ goals of choice.

When I combined my energy therapy practice with the life and organizational coaching that I also offered, the miracles began to happen – FAST! Here are daily examples:

  • I see people moving forward in short time where previously they were hindered by self-sabotage.
  • Those who have physical issues that previously held them back in their lives start to heal and use their newly re-claimed¬† energies to reach their goals.
  • People suffering from loss are able to let go of the emotional pain and they start to re-create their lives more clearly without being pulled off of target by the deep grieving.
  • Past patterns of self-sabotage disappear forever when we address them in a session.
  • Stress levels are lowered and my clients all have their tools to use whenever new daily stresses creep back into their lives between sessions.
  • Seemingly unachievable goals are reached… within deadline!
  • When the emotional baggage is cleared it just seems like the helpful people and circumstances show up – immediately!
  • Clients feel so much better about all aspects of their lives and are empowered to use self-coaching with EFT energy therapy tools.

So, the next time you’d like to amp up your life or your own coaching practice, consider the coaching with EFT alternative. This career path benefits all concerned, is much more fulfilling for me than traditional life or organizational coaching, and the successes that I witness daily are amazing!

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