Chiropractors as EFT Coaches

As I see it, when you blend the best of two worlds of alternative medicine, you get a variety of positive results. So is the case with the marriage of Energy Psychology EFT Coaching with Chiropractic.

Each area of practice stands on its own as beneficial in many ways to its clients and patients. Patients generally present to an Energy Psychologist like me, with emotional or mental health issues that seem to be holding them back. I often recognize these as causes of a myriad of physical symptoms and I regularly refer my clients to chiropractors for structural adjustments.

On the other hand, patients present too chiropractors with physical issues, and if someone regularly returns with the same complaint it is generally not because the practitioner is not doing a good job. A skilled chiropractor’s treatment cannot stand up to deep emotional trauma, life stressors, inherited negative beliefs, environmental or chemical toxins. A perfect treatment may hold only until the patient returns to his or her own life environment, and then the old patterns again take over to short out the system.

In my practice and training programs for chiropractors and other alternative practitioners, I enjoy the ability of guiding the client or patient to learn how to use classic EFT / Emotional Freedom Techniques as well as other energy therapy modalities so that they can clear the causes of mind-body-spirit imbalance and discomfort. And, chiropractors can easily learn to do this for their own patients to expand their range of practice, or refer to a practitioner like me who can support them by coaching their patient.

This blending of body and mind treatment provides more wholistic wellness support, which then enriches the spirit of each patient. To me this is a perfectly balanced service that can be offered via any chiropractor or chiropractic office.

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