Change – It is a Given! Clear Your Blocks Now!

Change with EFT!

Let this EFT Radio Show guide you to identify where you are resisting a change in your life… that may be making you physically ill!

Any chronic condition that shows up in your life cannot be resolved by going about your life as you’ve always done. (Check out a previous EFT Radio Show that discusses this concept.) Your previous way of living, eating, reacting, loving, working has put you into this chronic cycle of suffering, and it is time to embrace change in order to thrive.

The analysis of this topic and then the full EFT tapping sequence offered in this show can support you to move in a new direction so that your patterns can shift, your stress can dissipate, and your body can start to re-balance for health.

Change?! Humans hate change, and the need for it creates fear, paralysis, stress, re-curring negative patterns or cycles, and chronic health issues.

For more information that can help you to move to the next level in your life, I highly recommend my book: Conscious Development Guide for EFT Tapping Practitioners.

Here is your show !

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