Anxiety and Panic Solutions

More and more people are suffering from chronic or acute anxiety or panic, (and depression), in our stressful society. Because EFT tapping is so popular and has proven its benefits over and over, people are presenting to EFT and Energy Therapy practitioners for help.

panicThe Classic EFT protocol may be used with the client holding the feeling of panic or anxiety as he/she taps on each point. Tap on a single point until an obvious shift or neutralization of the emotional charge is felt, then move to the next point, and continue through the protocol. The client may talk about the stressors, the feelings, the pain, however this is not necessary as long as the person holds onto the emotional or physical sensations while tapping with the intention of letting this go.

Beyond tapping there are many causes today of anxiety and panic. Stress is the number one cause, and this can be lessened by tapping. Diet is another major contributor to anxiety and panic.

If you or your clients suffer these symptoms I would highly recommend an examination of diet. Certain main culprits to identify and eliminate that have been scientifically proven to cause or heighten anxiety and panic are: gluten *, caffeine, sugar, refined foods, soft drinks, among others.

Eliminating gluten can show dramatic results in a very short time, and recent studies of teenagers with suicidal tendencies show complete abatement of these symptoms within days of dropping all gluten from their diets. ** Just because one has not been diagnosed with celiac disease, there is growing data and awareness of gluten sensitivity in people who even test negative on traditional allergy tests. So, in all cases of anxiety, panic, depression, I would suggest going gluten-free for one to two weeks while looking for mood changes. This may make a major difference, and if it doesn’t, there are no side effects.

My message, as usual, is to look at the whole-istic picture as you utilize various tools like tapping. Because the body energy is denser than the emotional, once you clear emotional causes or basic stressors from the electro-magnetic biofield, there may still be work to do in order to re-balance the physical body for health.

* Google “gluten anxiety panic depression” to find multiple blog posts, articles via Harvard Health Publications, among others.

** Google “gluten teenage suicide” to find multiple listings.

And, for more information about diet/gluten and mood disorders go to: .

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