Tapping for Pain of Autoimmune

autoimmune7So often in the cases of chronic conditions there is pain. In autoimmune disorders the pain may be exacerbated due to a number of influences, and EFT or meridian tapping can definitely help.

Because autoimmune is generally misunderstood by the general public and by many health practitioners, it often leads to much additional stress, frustration, confusion, agitation, inner resistance, hopelessness in the clients or patients.

Symptoms may be eased considerably by simply tapping for pain around the above feelings stemming from:

• Disbelief by others,
• Feeling like a burden to others,
• Wondering if it really is “all in my head”,
• Confusion by health practitioners,
• Negative diagnosis, treatment parameters, prognosis by doctors,
• Helplessness in finding natural ways to ease the pain and other symptoms,
• Hopelessness or doubt that the symptoms or conditions will ever abate,
• Resistance about necessary life changes,
• Impatience from continued chronic symptoms.

These are all somewhat surface emotions brought on by daily stressors, and can be more easily dealt with, resulting in success.

There are many deeper emotions found in most cases of autoimmune disorders, and it usually takes an experienced facilitator to support a client to clear the deep underlying issues that might come from: DNA, mother’s pregnancy experience, subconscious mind prior to the cognitive mind fully maturing, personal traumatic life experiences, and also certain chemical or pattern “addictions” to the pain, old patterns, or old thought patterns of the past.

It can often ease the surface pain if one suffering can tap away some of the old issues listed above and then get support for tapping into deeper pain.

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