Autoimmune Relief via Clearing Unworthiness Issues

autoimmune-reliefIn my opinion, if you are in a human body, you have some aspect of an issue about feeling UNWORTHY.  It may be in your conscious mind.  It may be in your subconscious mind.  It may be in your DNA and it hasn’t come up for you yet because the right environment and stressful conditions have not brought it up.  Because you’re part of the human species, you have some aspects of this, and especially if you already suffer from an autoimmune disorder, to find relief you must address this.

You might not be reading this if you weren’t sick or if you didn’t have a loved one that was suffering right now from an autoimmune disorder.  When I work with autoimmune conditions, I look for potential emotional issues, things that are sabotaging a person from the inside out, issues that are keeping a person from:

  • feeling worthy to be well,
  •  feeling worthy to live a good life,
  • feeling worthy of quality that other people have.

 There’s a reason why somebody might feel that way.  I have people coming to me that are literally dying, yet when I ask them to evaluate their top values, health may be number four or five, so autoimmune relief is being blocked.  It’s not a conscious thing, but instead subconscious because there’s part of them that feels like getting well is dangerous or is against who they are, or that they aren’t worthy of healing.  This is why I’m providing some tapping support here on this issue.

Start by tapping on the Karate Chop Point until further instructed. **

Even though there’s something inside of me causing my body to fight itself . . .

. . . I deeply and completely accept that I’m doing the best I can do.

Maybe you don’t feel like you’re doing the best you can do but in every moment, no matter how bad your actions are, you really are doing the best you can do in that moment.  You may have no self-discipline.  You may be eating things that are bad for you.  Keep tapping. You may be self-sabotaging.  But there’s some aspect of yourself that’s doing the best it can do even when your conscious mind knows it’s making a mistake or you shouldn’t put that in your mouth or you shouldn’t be doing this.

Even though sometimes I hurt myself and I know that I hurt myself . . .

. . . I deeply and completely accept that in that moment I’m doing the best I can do.

Even though sometimes I go unconscious and

I eat the wrong foods or I do something that hurts me . . .

. . . and I know I let myself do that consciously . . .

. . . but I just kind of ignore that little voice telling me not to do it . . .

. . . I deeply and completely accept that that is still a part of me.

And I choose to let go of that old pattern.

I choose to stay conscious.

I choose to love my body so it can heal.

I choose to learn what I need to know in order to get well.

Even though my body has been attacking itself . . .

. . . and I don’t know why . . .

. . . I deeply and completely accept myself as I am.

I choose to start getting well.

Now go to the Eyebrow Points:

There’s a part of my being that already knows why I have gotten sick.

This part of my being is willing to share with the rest of me now.

It’s doing so with grace and ease.

My body, mind and spirit are now receiving

and integrating this information about why I’m sick.

I am grateful that I’ll start getting some clues now and I’ll start understanding.

The information transfer is now complete.

Keep tapping there on your eyebrows and continue repeating:

There’s a part of my being that already knows how to get well.

That part of my being is willing to share with the rest of me now.

My body, mind and spirit are receiving and

integrating this information so I can start to heal now.

I am grateful that my body will know how to start healing itself.

The information transfer is now complete.

Go to the Ends of the Eyes.

I have resented my body for being sick.

I’ve resented doctors for not being able to help me.

I’ve resented the lifestyle changes I’ve had to make because of this illness.

I resent that I can’t get back to normal.

I miss the way it used to be before I got sick.

I resent that something in me has caused my body to beat up on itself.

It’s time for me to let this go now.

I choose to let this go now.

It’s appropriate for me to let this go now.

I choose to start getting well now.

It’s appropriate for me to get well now.

It’s time for me to be well now.

Let’s go to the Under Eye Points.

Focus on any old beliefs, issues, negative stuff that you might have picked up from somebody else, somebody telling you you were not good, or you were unworthy, or you did something wrong, whether you thought you did it wrong or not.  Whatever it is just tap and breathe it out.  Let go of anything that feels bad to you, something that you picked up from somebody else, maybe a feeling that you were being judged, or a feeling that they were frowning at you, or a feeling that somebody was mad at you, whether they really were or not.  Tap this out and let it go.  It’s appropriate for you to let it all go now.  Just breathe it out.

Now go to points Above and Below the lips.

Think about anytime you were really embarrassed, and breathe that out.  Think about any shameful memory or any shame that maybe you know your parents or grandparents or great grandparents carried in their life.  It didn’t happen to you, wasn’t your issue, but if something shameful caused any of your ancestors to feel shame about who they were or about something that they did, then it’s time for you to feel it and breathe it out and let it go forever.  It’s in your DNA and it may be making you sick.  Tap it there above and below your mouth.  Let go of shame, embarrassment, and any guilt that you or your ancestors may have carried.  Think about what it is, if you heard a story about somebody.  Imagine how they felt if it wasn’t you.  Just breathe it out and let it go.  It’s time to let it go.  It’s well beyond time to let it go.  It’s absolutely appropriate for you to let it go now.  It’s healthy for you to finally let it go.  It’s time for you to start to heal.  It’s time for you to get your life back and let go of this heavy burden that you’ve been carrying.  Just breathe it out.

Now go to the Collar Bone points and tap.

 Feel the fear involved in your condition, fear that maybe you’ve been carrying all your life, fear of being judged, fear of making mistakes, any fears of what the doctors have said, your diagnosis, your prognosis, fear that it’s going to hurt, fear that you’re going to have to give up more of your life.  Just let it go as you’re tapping here.  Fear of what’s going to change if you get well.  Fear that you’re going to be somebody else when you get well, because you may be.  Just breathe out the fear.

Now go to a point Underneath your Arm.

I deserve to feel comfortable in my body

I deserve to get well.

I was given this body, so I choose to enjoy it.

I choose to do everything I can to help this body heal.

I choose to let go of whatever is causing me to be sick.

I choose to let go of all sense of unworthiness

and shame and guilt and embarrassment.

I choose to let it go now.

I choose to get well.

It’s time for me to get well now.

Now take your fingertips and go to the Top of your Head and tap.

Feel the gratitude that you have a body.  Feel the gratitude that there are a lot of alternative, natural ways that can support your healing process, gratitude that you have the ability to learn more about your body and what’s making you sick, and gratitude that you can let go of self-sabotaging habits or patterns or beliefs that are keeping you sick.

I love my body.

I choose to feel healthy again.

I choose to support my body to heal itself and to be totally pain free.

And so it is.

Breathe out any of the old energetic ash that you’ve just cleared.  Breathe in a sense of newness, a sense of clear energy and excitement about healing.  For the next 24 hours, drink lots of water, take good care of yourself and not overexert for the rest of the day.  If you get a chance to take an Epsom salt bath later; that would be beneficial for your body’s autoimmune relief and your energy biofield.

 I wish you the best.

** If you are new to EFT or Tapping and unsure of the location of the tapping points, please go to:, and if you would like a full Introduction to EFT free course, go to: .


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  • Jenni
    January 6, 2015

    Dear Dr Anne, I just found and tried your EFT for Autoimmune Relief. I am a sufferer of a number of autoimmune diseases over a 20 year period including Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Celiac, Hashimoto’s and a couple of lesser ones also. I have just ordered Dr Wahl’s book last week, and as of yesterday am trying out Sarah Ballentyne’s AI Paleo Diet. I think you are spot on with unworthiness issues having a link to autoimmunity. I will continue with your tapping and see how it goes. Can you think of anything else that might be of benefit? Thanks again, Jenni

    • Anne Merkel
      January 8, 2015

      Jenni – glad you are enjoying the autoimmune series… you may wish to consider being coached on one of the upcoming calls. It costs only $25… a discount of $170 from the regular $195 price for a single session… and your coaching session supports others in the process! Anne

  • Daniela Flores
    November 6, 2014

    Hello! The last year a person that is very close to me has been diagnose with Multiple Sclerosis and I’ve been wondering, now knowing that it is no just a chemical thing, if this system would help him?

    Hope to hear from you, and thanks I really enjoyed your articles. Also this situation had help me to realize my feelings of unworthiness, so thank you very much!

    • Anne Merkel
      November 6, 2014

      Daniela – thank you for your questions. If your friend is open to it, I would suggest that they register for my free Autoimmune Coaching & Energy Therapy Support monthly calls series by going to: . Upon registration I will send out 12 past hour-long recordings that should be helpful. I am currently working with clients on the monthly calls, so it is beneficial to come to the live calls and/or listen to the recordings.

      Yes, I definitely think that clearing all possible emotional causes of any autoimmune condition, including MS, is very important. I’d also like to recommend that you refer your friend to this very good book by Dr. Terry Wahls: The Wahls Protocol – How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine. In my own case I know that the paleo diet has helped my body greatly in its healing and re-balancing processes.

      I hope this is helpful, and I’d be happy to work with your friend. You may learn more about my services at: . Anne

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