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healthylivingIn this and  following posts I want to share the natural healthy living protocol tips that every person in a body needs to remember as we’re keeping ourselves healthy, getting healthier, or supporting the body to rebalance and detox. These points are taken from my new book, Autoimmune Cases – Naturally! that will be available at Amazon and on this website by the end of August, 2015

As part of my doctorate studies in Naturopathy I earned my Certification as a Natural Health Professional. During an intensive eight-day training program for this CNHP credential we covered many kinds of wholistic and natural approaches to healthy living, keeping in balance, and rebalancing. I feel strongly that everyone needs to know what I learned… and I wish I had known this information many years ago!

There is a list of seventeen things that are very paramount in keeping a healthy body. Whether you’re already suffering from something or you are still in a healthy body, in order to keep it healthy I feel these are important. The points are not necessarily things that you’ll get from your medical doctor or from another practitioner. Pulled from a compilation of different disciplines, you can bring the information  into your life to help support your health or to help support you to get healthy.

In illness of any kind your body shows certain symptoms and we’re working to clear the causes of those symptoms so the body can rebalance. Of the 17 areas of information that I will be sharing, I’m sure there are things you can start integrating into your life now. You don’t need a practitioner to do most of them; you can do them on your own. Some of them may take a little stretch from you, and some of them may not. You can allow your body to stay in balance naturally if you keep the following points in mind:

  • Breathing Healthy Air
  • Drinking Pure Water
  • Eating Good Nutritious Food
  • Digesting Properly
  • Eliminating via 5 Major Channels
  • Ingesting the Essential Fatty Acids
  • Keeping Your Body pH in Balance
  • Proper Hygiene
  • Exercise
  • Good Sleep
  • Maintaining Emotional Balance
  • Spiritual Balance
  • Structural Balance
  • External Influences on Health
  • EMF’s / Electro-magnetic Frequencies
  • Grounding into the Earth
  • Holding the Best Attitude!

Did you know that your body doesn’t really know how to be sick? The body is a miraculous, wonderful organism. I won’t compare it to a mechanical computer, although a computer has a lot of energy in it that goes beyond just the bits and pieces and the mechanics of it. The body is way beyond a computer, and it works faster and better. It only gets “sick” because it is out of balance. When you suffer from the “common cold” and when you get diarrhea or nausea, or start having mucus coming out of your nose, it is usually a way that the body is detoxing. When you focus on stopping all the symptoms, then the body can’t drain the toxins, so you’re stuck with the toxins inside longer than they need to be there.

Your body replaces all of its cells every 90 to 100 days, so 180 days from now, if you are careful about what you do for your body, you will be living in a totally different body with different cells. Just imagine it. This includes brain cells and all of the other cells in your body; they regenerate. So, in order to nurture these cells, we need to maintain them and the whole body via these 17 points I’m sharing.

Like the full body, each cell requires that it be fed with the right balance of nutrients, hydrated, allowed to eliminate waste, and cleansed of the waste in the environment. In order to support our cells to do this you need to be aware of how to keep the cells and full body in balance. The points I’ll share in future posts will help you as you maintain living in our modern and toxed-out society.

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