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EFT Radio #2- Your “Life Food” Determines Your Health and Well-being

You can control your “Life Food” as you “feed” yourself via your lifestyle, surroundings, all that touches your skin, and whatever you place into an orifice of your body.  With more awareness of the specific and unique toxins of your “life food”, you can begin to make changes as well as use stress-reducing tools when you need them.

In this EFT Radio episode, I will share specific food and water tips to support more physical health in your life. Then we will focus on other potential toxins that may be causing you to experience chronic suffering, body-mind-spirit imbalance, or a full-blown autoimmune disorder. All of the issues mentioned on this call are merely the “tip of the iceberg” in your healing process, and they are issues that you can control yourself, so they present a wonderful place to start on your journey to recovery. Be sure to have a pen and paper handy to jot down issues for which you may want to do meridian tapping following the call… and if you want to know more about specific tapping points and their corresponding emotions you may go to http://arielagroup.com/free-eft-stuff

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I hope you enjoy it and that you will continue to follow my shows as I post new ones regularly!

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