The Causes of Your Depression

Have you ever felt down or blue or just plain depressed?  Did you know why you felt that way or was it a mystery to you?  Are you afraid that depression is taking over your life?

There are many underlying causes for depression. When you identify why you feel that way you are on the path to recovery. But, often it is not that easy.

If depression is not the norm for you, then ask what has changed within the last 12 to 24 hours. It can be a conversation, another’s mood, something you ingested, the weather, the news, or something else that has elicited your depressed mood response.

If you chronically feel depressed, then you must dig deeper. Among the areas you must search are detrimental substances that you have ingested, hurtful actions you have taken, changes you have experienced, and your own inner predisposition to depression including your subconscious mind and emotions as well as your genetic makeup.

In this EFT Radio show you will learn more about the potential causes of depression that might be right under your nose without realizing it. I also go on to help you understand that even if you were born with the propensity for depression in your genes, there are ways to naturally manage your genes so that you benefit from your unique idiosyncrasies rather than suffer. If you listen to the entire blogcast the last fifteen minutes includes a full EFT tapping sequence to support your better understanding and healing.  Enjoy!

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