EFT Radio – Relief at Last for Caretaking Stress

EFT Radio #3 – The “Angst” and Stress of Caretaking – Clearing All Aspects

Caretaking Stress can be considered a chronic condition in itself… for all concerned.  Whether you are a caretaker or the person receiving the care, there are a variety of classic stressors that can wear you down emotionally and psychologically, and could eventually lead to deeper physical discomfort.  And, did you ever think of the emotional toll on even an observer, watching a dedicated and hard-working caretaker…  or also on the receiver of the care?

It doesn’t matter what roles you currently or at other times have played. The entire scenario is quite stressful and can tear people apart… on the inside as well as the outside.

Use this EFT Radio podcast to identify and clear the variety of stressors that come up for all of the players

  • The Caretaker
  • The One Receiving Care
  • The Observer 

We will go deeply into each issue on this episode, so you may wish to take notes. And, we’ll use N-hanced EFT, also known as Neuro Emotional Freedom Technique to clear specific emotions involved with each issue, so be prepared to tap along.

For more information on tapping points and emotions go to: http://arielagroup.com/free-eft-stuff .  Also, for more valuable information, join our growing community at:  http://arielagroup.com/relief

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I hope you enjoy it and that you will continue to follow my shows as I post new ones regularly!

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