Cuztic Resistance Clearing Process

Cuztic guidebookThe Cuztic Resistance Clearing Process evolved from my studies of and experience using a number of disciplines and processes. The blending of Educational Kinesiology, the EMDR process, and some other techniques, resulted in the creation of this Resistance Clearing Process.   Named Cuztic for the “gold” earned when applying this technique for clearing emotional issues, Cuztic comes from the Aztec word for the golden necklaces worn by the chiefs.  The Guidebook cover painting is entitled Cuztic and shows rings of golden necklaces and also outlines the directions in which the process asks that you move your eyes as you are clearing the subconscious resistance and emotional blocks around issues, decisions, goals, and more.

To begin using the process via the Cuztic Process Guide: A Guide to Clearing Resistance to Achieving Goals and Making Decisions… from the Inside-Out, fill in the following form and you will receive your complimentary e-guide. As you learn to use it you’ll be able to imagine the many times in your life and practice that this will come in handy as it removes subconscious “static” and clears the inner “tug-of-war” enabling you to make clear decisions and plans without being held back by emotional attachments or resistance.