AUTOIMMUNE CASES – NATURALLY!: Treating Autoimmune Disorders Using Energy Psychology & Naturopathy

Estimates say that approximately 80 million people in the US now suffer with autoimmune disorders, and many are choosing natural treatment approaches because they are not satisfied with taking on a “Life Sentence of Suffering and Taking Meds”. They are looking for natural support and are willing to make some life changes in order to get well and stay well.

In treating autoimmune conditions the dual top priorities are 1- to identify and clear internal emotional stress issues that may be an underlying cause, and 2- to support the physical body to re-balance and heal via checking and tweaking natural life-style habits and patterns.

This book includes various Energy Psychology and Natural Health approaches with sample EFT Meridian Tapping Sequences and a lengthy bibliography crossing health disciplines.

It introduces real clients and provides their case details with analysis of what this strange anomaly called autoimmune is, and how it shows up uniquely in each case.

The cases show symptoms which reflect similarities and differences that occur in a variety of different disorders, key emotional themes that are often found at the root of autoimmune conditions, and natural approaches to removing the root causes of the disorders so that the body can rebalance and heal naturally.

This is a must-have book of stories and healthy tips and techniques for you –
• if you or someone you know suffers from autoimmune issues,
• if you are an EFT Practitioner or Energy Psychologist working with cases involving autoimmune, or
• if you are a Functional Medical Practitioner looking for natural support for your patients or clients.

This book of real cases can provide hope that the chronic suffering of autoimmune can be overcome when you know the language of the human body-mind-spirit and allow them to work together!

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