What is Naturopathy?

It took me years to find the profession of my dreams, and the practice of Classical Naturopathy encompasses my on-going Energy Therapy work as well as applications of Natural Medicine and Energy Medicine.


When I first started my studies in this multi-faceted discipline I was amazed at how much sense it makes in every way. As B.J. Palmer, father of Chiropractic said, “The Power that made the body can heal the body!” In Naturopathy the practitioner studies the symptoms of each individual and then works to identify the root causes of their development. By treating the root cause, the body can then support itself to heal naturally. There is no “diagnosis” per se, because Naturopathic Physicians look at each case as unique and treat it accordingly. The remediation that is provided by Naturopaths supports health, regeneration, and clearing of the causes of the symptoms rather than medicating and masking symptoms. Remedies are created from sources found in nature rather than created to resemble natural cell structures; thus, the body can assimilate these better than chemical medications, and when used correctly there are few if any minor side effects.

Ask me about the following modalities included in the practice of Naturopathy and I’ll explain or demonstrate how each may support your unique natural healing process:

Energy Therapy modalities
Meridian Tapping & Holding
Homeopathy & Flower Essences
Reflexology, Iridology
Acupuncture & Auriculotherapy
Applied Kinesiology
Nutritional Counseling & Herbology
Gluten Sensitivity Consulting & Testing
pH Testing & Balancing
Vitamin & Mineral Assessment and Counseling
Genetic Testing, Analysis, Management
Natural Remedies, Tinctures, etc.
For more information about the specific wholistic services that I offer in my Naturopathic practice, go here . . .