June is my birthday month, and this year I’m pulling out the stops on savings for you if you register during June for one of my special Functional Medicine Packages listed here. You don’t need to schedule your sessions until after June 24th and into July because right now my schedule is full.

So, save $50 or $500 on the package that you desire – they are each FULL of healing support on all levels! Check them out…


Acupuncture Graph
Acupuncture Assessment

Have you adjusted your attitude during the last six months?  Why not schedule yourself for an Acupuncture Tuesday visit to compare where you’ve been to where you are and want to be. I’ll be treating clients with acupuncture and far infrared therapy on Tuesdays during this summer. Each hour-long treatment will include digital analysis, laser treatment, review of your graph and energy patterns, and relaxation on the far infrared therapy mat. You will feel like a new person as you float out of my office. If you register during June you will save $50 per visit!… and you can do that now by going here.

Functional Medicine Packages

And, as we continue our birthday celebration, my newest Summer 2019 Functional Medicine Packages are also offered at $500 off if you register here during June. Several options are available for my local friends as well as one for all of you who work with me by phone. And, you do not need to schedule your first session until after June 24th.

Energy Medicine + Acupuncture

Energy Medicine

This package includes nine sessions with me where we dive intensively into old stored energy patterns using meridians. The 5 acupuncture treatments with far infrared treatments will ease the body gently into giving up the inner imbalances and stresses that may be showing up as we utilize hands-on NET (Neuro Emotional Technique), EFT Tapping, Kinesiological point holding, and Energy Remedies in the other four sessions.  [$500 off during June]

Register for this comprehensive program that will work with your body, mind, and Spirit naturally by going here.

Natural Medicine + Functional Epigenetics

Natural Medicine

This package is good for people locally or by phone. Using an extensive History Intake Form plus on-line symptom assessment (which is also used in the first program), along with the raw data from your 23andMe DNA analysis, this package will guide you to create the healthiest life for your unique body. You will receive a dozen or more separate sessions including videos, live phone sessions, live video zoom sessions, and audio recordings. And a follow-up will provide you with a full list of suggested nutritional supplements to add to your improved lifestyle/ diet protocol.  [$500 off during June]

Register for this comprehensive program that will work with your body, mind, and Spirit naturally by going here.

Functional Epigenetics

What to do Next?

So, if you’d like to register for one of my great new programs – at a nice discount during June – you may go to one of the links above or register today for a Q&A consult with me.

And be sure to tour the website and check out my other publications, products, and services.