EFT Planning Guides for Self-Study

When you are ready to move forward in your life,  using these EFT Planning e-Guides with their Energy Therapy exercises will help you to move from one stage to the next until you enjoy living your desired goals.

visioning+for+success+eftPersonal Visioning e-Guidebook with N-hanced EFT

This e-guidebook provides a matrix and step-by-step guidance to inspire you to create, record, and manifest your life desires through your own personal vision. Sections include focusing on both personal and professional visions, creating the strategic plan for your life, and designing personal exercises for successful follow-through. If you are looking for clarity in your vision – using EFT, you have come to the right place!

planning+for+success+eftPlanning for Success e-Guidebook with N-hanced EFT

This e-guidebook helps you to move your vision into action by providing a tested method for planning which includes its own “de-bugging” process as it also guides you to identify hidden opportunities that can support and promote your personal and professional plans for success. This e-guide is strategic planning at its best – based on years of facilitating individuals and organizations in their planning processes, and it appears here in its most natural form for your personal usage… and it includes N-hanced EFT instruction and guidance.

prioritizing+for+success+eftPrioritizing & Goal-setting for Results e-Guidebook with EFT

After you have determined your Vision and designed a clear Plan, this e-guidebook takes you by the hand and guides you to focus on personal and professional goals through step-by-step prioritization and goal-setting exercises that identify and create the actions which must be taken first to get the best results. Based on tried and true goal-setting and prioritization techniques, with some energy therapy N-hanced Emotional Freedom Technique tips and instruction to clear your way, these processes are easy to follow and they work!

jounaling+for+success+eftSelf Advancement Journal, with EFT & Journal Worksheets

This e-guidebook will support you to create a daily process to record your own personal and professional evolution. It includes tips on how to create road markers along your life path and how to read forward and backward on that path to enable better clarity about where you’ve been and where you are going. The process provides insight into both your conscious and subconscious advancement and provides a good progress indicator of how well you are staying with your Vision, implementing your Plan, Prioritizing effectively, and setting and carrying out Goals for success. Now with EFT tips for clearing all resistance!

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