Anne Merkel, Ph.D., ND

Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Doctor of Naturopathy: Practicing Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, Natural Health, Success & Wellness Coaching

Hello – I am Dr. Anne Merkel, and healing and compassionate support have been part of who I am and have been for my entire life.

I totally believe the famous J.D. Palmer quote: “The Power that Made the Body Can Heal the Body“!

My Passion is to help people understand that they can heal and claim optimal health as well as meet their full potential naturally. I work with clients who have not had success with other practitioners, and we go deeper to clear the childhood, infancy, mom’s pregnancy, DNA, and even soul blocks and restrictions so that each individual can thrive on all levels!

During the last twenty-five years I have practiced Natural Medicine as an Energy Therapist, Doctor of Naturopathy, and Success, Health & Wellness Coach. In my private practice I specialize in Autoimmune Disorders and have had great success in helping to relieve emotional causes to many chronic conditions. I also hold great passion for sharing my 30+ years of post-doctoral research and hands-on experience with others through several programs including my:

Applying a variety of energy therapy modalities, my practice has incorporated NET/ Neuro Emotional Technique, Reiki, Homeopathy, Applied Kinesiology, and Flower Essences with clients since the mid 1990’s. In 2000 I added EFT/ Emotional Freedom Techniques, a meridian tapping self-help technique, and I teach all of my clients to use both Classic EFT and N-hanced EFT. In my current practice I provide digital meridian energy assessments and laser acupuncture balancing, energy essences, basic nutritional and gluten counseling/ testing, and I utilize the Cuztic Resistance Clearing Process and Ask & Receive among other beneficial tools that make a difference with my clients.

I am constantly updating my knowledge base with on-going studies in Energy Medicine techniques, and I hold a second doctorate in Classical Naturopathy plus Certification as a Gluten Practitioner and studies in Nutritional Counseling. I earlier earned my credential as a Certified Natural Health Professional and my clients benefit as I incorporate what I learn into my practice.

In 2015 I published four books that will support anyone interested in applying energy therapy and natural health practices in their lives or practices. Learn more. . .

As both a Certified Success & Wellness Coach and Certified Success Business Coach, I have worked with corporations and individuals to support clients in all aspects of business and personal health, wellness, and success. I like to guide clients to clear all blocks to accessing their original state of Pure Potentiality so that everything is possible to them. As a Coach the conscious transformation that I support in my clients takes them to the next level in their relationships, health, wealth, and basic joy factor. I offer a Transformative Coach Training for EFT or Health & Wellness Practitioners program to help provide a strong foundation to the energy therapy practices of others, and I have published three books on the fundamentals of coaching.

In my “past life” I was an Adjunct Professor where I taught at twenty colleges & universities including in four MBA programs, and I served as a top Manager and Corporate Trainer with clients in over 120 countries world-wide. I also served on multiple civic Boards and Commissions, and was President of a Chamber of Commerce. All of this experience helped me to become who I am today!

For more information you may access my professional Curriculum Vitae by going here.